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SandBox is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on more than 200 reviews

Trusted by hundreds of freelancers, entreprenuers and startups

Sand Box is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 300+ freelancers, entreprenuers and other independent professionals.

sandbox karachi reviews

" I found it more suitable for me. As there are no time boundaries, you can come anytime any day to work and continue any number of hours a day. I found the management very cooperative and friendly. The environment is very friendly and peaceful. "

- Abdul Qadir Freelancer
sandbox karachi reviews

" Amazing and peaceful place to work offer daily , weekly and monthly flexible packages, specially Aamir bhai is so co cooperative. Thanks SandBox "

- Arslan Ahmed Freelancer
sandbox karachi reviews

" Best place to take your startups too. Reasonable price and amazing environment plus all the help you can get from the staff and all the other startups working there. "

- Saad Farhan Xortox
sandbox karachi reviews

" One of the best and most eligible and affordable place, for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business in town. Cool environment and very friendly staff and peoples, such an amazing experience everyday at Sandbox. "

- Muhammad Hasham Team Lead @ Folio3
sandbox karachi reviews

" One of the best co-working space in Karachi! I'm here for Since 2022. Such a nice place to work. "

- Abubakar Siddiqui Team Lead @ Curious Labs Ltd
sandbox karachi reviews

" One of the most intriguing place I have ever visited.. Fantastic experience so far. "

- Awais Ali Freelancer
sandbox karachi reviews

" Love the space, everyone is soo friendly. Never thought of such cozy office life. "

- Manahil Raees Instagram Influencer
sandbox karachi reviews

" Have been working at this coworking space for more than 2 years now and having an amazing experience so far. I really want to appreciate their prompt actions on the complaints, concerns, and suggestions. "

- Abbas Rajani SEO Analyst
sandbox karachi reviews

" Amazing workplace! Relaxing environment and friendly staff. highly recommended. "

- Sania Tariq Social Media Influencer
sandbox karachi reviews

" If you want to work in professional environment then sand box is your place, best ever environment i ever experienced. "

- Muhammad Ali Founder Creative IT Sols
sandbox karachi reviews

" Its been almost 3 months in Sandbox. Its a great place to work whether you are an individual or working with your team.A friendly and professional environment. "

- Sufiyan Umer Freelance Developer