Shared Office, Unique Space: How to Customize for Success

Have you ever walked into your shared workspace and felt like it lacked personality? As an employee, you spend hours each week sitting at the same desk, staring at the same bare walls and cubicle dividers. Just because you're in a communal office doesn't mean you can't make it feel like your own. 

With some simple design touches, you can transform your workspace into an inspiring place you actually want to be. Take control of your environment and make that shared office space feel like a custom-built dream workspace. In just a few easy steps, you'll be excited to head into the office each morning. 

Who knew some colorful accents, natural lighting, and a few personal mementos could make such a difference in your daily productivity and job satisfaction? Read on to learn some pro tips for personalizing your shared office on a budget.

Define Your Style: Choosing an Esthetic for Your Workspace

Defining your style is key to creating a workspace that sparks joy and productivity. Do you lean towards minimalism or prefer surrounding yourself with inspiration? Are you all about function or want to express your fun side?

Color Scheme

Choose a color palette that energizes or relaxes you. Stick to 2-3 main colors and use shades and accents of those hues. For minimal distraction, go neutral with creams, grays and natural wood tones. If you want to boost creativity, bring in pops of color with accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork.


Having adequate storage keeps a space feeling uncluttered. Use vertical space for shelving to free up desk and floor area. Label boxes or bins to keep items tidy. A filing cabinet can house important documents. Consider a desk with built-in drawers or a cabinet for stashing supplies.


Layered lighting gives you options for different tasks. Add an overhead light along with desk and floor lamps. task lighting aimed at your workspace helps prevent eye strain. Natural light is best, so choose a spot near windows if possible.

Personal Touches

Include meaningful decor that inspires or brings you joy. Frame family photos, art, or favorite quotes. Display collections that showcase your personality or hobbies. Greenery, like a potted plant, adds life to any space. A scented candle or essential oil diffuser creates an ambiance suited to your tastes.

Designing your ideal workspace is all about fusing function and style. Focus on the details that matter most to you and make the space your own. With time, you'll perfect your dream office.

Make It Yours: Customizing and Personalizing Your Space

Make It Yours: Customizing and Personalizing Your Space

When you share an office, it can feel sterile and impersonal. But with some custom touches, you can make your space feel like your own personal sanctuary.

Add decorative accents that inspire or motivate you. Frame quotes, photos, or artwork that you love and place them on your desk or walls. Plants are also a great way to liven up your space - just be sure to choose low-maintenance ones if you don’t have a green thumb!

Organize your desk in a way that suits your needs and workflow. Group together items you use together frequently. Get desktop organizers, drawer dividers, and a laptop stand to keep everything in its place. A clean, uncluttered desk will make you feel more productive and focused.

Use lighting to your advantage. If possible, bring in a desk lamp or floor lamp to give you more control over the lighting in your area. Softer, natural light can do wonders for your mood and motivation.

Make the most of vertical space. Use organizers that attach to walls or sit on the floor to keep items off your desk. A magnetic board is great for sticking up notes, photos, or a calendar.

Add a personal touch with a small rug, cushion, or throw blanket. Make your chair more comfortable using a lumbar support cushion or seat pad. Little comforts go a long way in making a space feel homey.

With some simple additions and adjustments, you can create an oasis of calm and productivity within a shared workspace. Make the space reflect your unique personality and needs - you'll be happier and more engaged as a result!

Get Comfortable: Ergonomic Furniture for Productivity

To maximize your productivity in a shared workspace, invest in comfortable and ergonomic furniture. Your body will thank you, and you'll be able to focus better without distractions from aches and pains.

A Good Chair

A quality office chair is worth the investment. Look for one with lumbar support for your lower back, armrests, and an adjustable seat height and tilt. Having a chair that properly supports your body and is at the right height for your desk will help you sit comfortably for longer periods. Some highly-rated, affordable options are the Alera Argos chair or the Hbada Office Task Chair.

A Stand-Up Desk

For many people, sitting for prolonged periods can cause back and neck strain. A standing desk allows you to stand while working, which provides health benefits like burning more calories and reducing back pain. Many standing desks are adjustable, so you can raise and lower it to alternate between sitting and standing. Popular, budget-friendly stand-up desk options include the Flexispot and the Vari Electric Stand Up Desk.

A Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray attaches under your desk and pulls out so you can keep your keyboard and mouse at an ergonomic level while standing or sitting. This helps reduce strain on your wrists, forearms, and shoulders from reaching up to type. Look for an articulating keyboard tray that can tilt and swivel for the most flexibility and comfort.

A Monitor Mount

If you use a desktop computer, a monitor mount lets you attach your screen to an adjustable arm. This allows you to raise, lower, tilt, and pivot your monitor to the optimal ergonomic position whether you're sitting or standing. Monitor mounts that clamp to the desk edge are easy to install and are suitable for most desks.

Investing in comfortable, ergonomic furniture and equipment for your workspace is worth the expense. Your increased productivity and reduced risk of health issues will provide benefits for years to come. Focusing on your comfort and wellbeing will help motivate and energize you in your shared office environment.

Bring Nature In: Plants and Decor to Brighten Your Space

Bringing elements of nature into your workspace can brighten your space and boost your mood and productivity. Here are some tips for incorporating plants and natural decor:

Live Plants

Having living greenery in your space provides so many benefits. The vibrant colors and different leaf shapes are pleasing to look at and can lift your mood. Plants also naturally filter the air in your space and increase humidity. Choose plants that can thrive in low or medium light, such as:

  • Pothos: This easy-to-care-for plant has beautiful heart-shaped leaves. It can do well with limited light and only needs moderate watering.

  • Snake plant: With tall, spiky leaves, the snake plant is one of the hardest houseplants to kill. It produces oxygen at night and can live for years with little maintenance.

  • Succulents: These funky little plants come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. They only require occasional watering and lots of light. Succulents are perfect for small spaces.

Natural Decor

In addition to live plants, you can bring nature in through natural decor items like:

  • Wood accents: Things like wooden planters, pencil holders, monitor risers or desk organizers add warmth to a space.

  • Natural fiber baskets: Use baskets made of seagrass, rattan or jute to hold items like pens, notepads or desk accessories.

  • Sea shells or stones: A small dish of colorful sea shells, stones or crystals adds visual interest to your desk.

  • Bamboo: Bamboo monitor risers, pen cups, or small vases are eco-friendly options that highlight natural textures.

Making even small changes to bring natural elements into your workspace can have big benefits for your wellbeing and productivity. Adding some greenery and natural decor is an easy way to make a shared office space feel more personal and inspire your creativity.


So there you have it, a few tips to make that shared office space feel like your own. Don't be afraid to express your unique style - after all, that space is where you spend more waking hours than anywhere else. Add personal touches, optimize your storage and seating, and make the space inspiring. Your coworkers and productivity will thank you for it. At the end of the day, you'll have created an oasis amid the hectic pace of work where you can recharge and do your best thinking. A space designed for you, by you, that boosts your creativity and motivation. Now get to work making that shared office your dream workspace!


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