In Spotlight: Hira Shahid – A Perfect Blend Of Art, Humanities & Neurosciences

Hira Shahid’s love for arts was well grown at the age of ten, especially painting and calligraphy. She studied biological sciences and graduated in Medical Physiology from the University of Karachi in 2010. Her major area of study was Neurophysiology. She remains a great enthusiast of Art, in all its forms.

Art, solitude, silence and writing are her ways of expression from early ages. She has started practicing art as a profession, since 2011. She paints in oil on canvas to embody the inspirations striking her mind. Her work is based on wide study backgrounds, connecting ideas of impulse and awakening for observers.

At present she is working in six different genres of paintings i.e. Abstract Art, Calligraphy/Islamic Art, Contemporary Art, Figurative Art, Landscapes and her most treasured Science Art.

Hira’s artistic attributes are completely innate; but she plans to fortify her knowledge through Academia. She is advancing her skills from ‘Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture’.

Hira has dedicated her life to Art, Humanities and Neurosciences. She is stretching her devotions to these fields through painting, teaching and writing. You can find out more about Hira’s art classes on her website here


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