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Our Services.

Sand Box offers multiple high speed internet connections, clean hygienic enviornment and good ambiance to its community members. Not only this our pricing includes Full electricity cost with backup generators, dedicated lockers and land line numbers. Click Here to start your free trial now


Multiple internet connections for 99% connectivity so it never goes down!

Meeting Room

A super quiet room where you can talk to your customers whenever you want.

Phone Lines

You can use phone lines and the best address in town for your business.

365 Access

You can hop-in anytime you want with secuirty key-lock which is provided to every Sand Box resident

Recreational Area

A dedicated place with LCD TV, Gaming Console, Mini Library with peaceful enviornment.


LaserJet Printer networked just for you!

Confernece Area

Book our conference and meeting area for your community, entrepreneual and educational events. We offer projectors, refreshments and other benefits for your events.

Tuck Shop

An in-house tuck shop for our commnuity members where they can buy food and drinks at affordable price.

Sand Box on WhatsApp

An private group of your space at Sand Box that will always stay open to you no matter where you go. The entire network has been tucked into your pocket with our community whatsapp group

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