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Who we are?

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Sand Box is a shared workspace created specifically for freelancers, startups, small business owners, telecommuters and other independent professionals. We understand that while working for yourself can be liberating and satisfying, without the right facility, it can also be unproductive and lonely. We know from experience that it’s hard to keep a professional profile while working from your couch. The couch is no place to build an empire. Enter Sand Box!

With the best location in Karachi, Sand Box allows independent professionals to have a full-service, shared cowroking space and meeting space with the added benefit of a supportive community of other independent professionals. Sand Box offers several levels of memberships that include month-to-month, virtual, part-time, full-time, as well as daily drop-ins and on-demand meeting rooms!


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Startups, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs served


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Who we are?

Our History.


We started in Feb 2016 with 6 chairs, 3 members and very basic features. My end of March we had grown to 8 members


By end of June 2016, we had 12 full time members, air conditioned enviornment and multiple internet connections


In December 2016, we had 25 freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs at Sand Box.

Still Growing

In Feb 2017, we've leased bigger space of 2000sqft and our new and improved facility is going to open its doors by mid of March 2017.

We're Going Global

Our Partners

Our partners are a diverse group. They range from established corporations to industry experts to lean startups creating innovation in their space. All members have access to our wide range of technology and business partner resources. Learn more about our collaborative partners!

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