Our Services

Sand Box offers multiple high speed internet connections, clean hygienic enviornment and good ambiance to its community members. Not only this our pricing includes Full electricity cost with backup generators, dedicated lockers and land line numbers.

Power Backup

Our facility is backed up by 25 KVA Diesel Generator and UPS for uniteruptted power supply.


300 Mpbs connectivity packed with Cisco Switches and Uinfi Access Points.

24/7 Access

You can hop-in anytime you want with secuirty key-lock which is provided to every Sand Box resident

Board Rooms

A super quiet room loaded with multimedia, big table and white board.

Event Space

Book our event space and meeting area for your community, entrepreneual and educational events. We offer projectors, refreshments and other benefits for your events.

Breakout Spots

We have multiple spots where you can go to relax, eat and interact with other members of that SandBox.

Parking Space

We have our in-house parking space for your cars and bikes so you can get hassle free parking

Lush Green Lawn

We have our very own space to play cricket, badminton, football or just relax in our lawn with a cup of tea


We believe health should always come first. Our gym is just the right place for you to stretch and make some sweat.

Recreational Area

A dedicated place with Table Tennis, Fossball, Gaming Console, Mini Library with peaceful enviornment.

Dining & Kitchenette

No more lunch on desk! We have dedicated lunch area right next to our kitchen with chairs and tables

Tuck Shop

An in-house tuck shop for our commnuity members where they can buy food and drinks at affordable price.

Trusted by hundreds of freelancers, entreprenuers and startups

Sand Box is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 300+ freelancers, entreprenuers and other independent professionals.

sandbox karachi reviews

" One of the most intriguing place I have ever visited.. Fantastic experience so far. "

- Awais Ali Freelancer
sandbox karachi reviews

" Love the space, everyone is soo friendly. Never thought of such cozy office life. "

- Manahil Raees Instagram Influencer
sandbox karachi reviews

" Have been working at this coworking space for more than 2 years now and having an amazing experience so far. I really want to appreciate their prompt actions on the complaints, concerns, and suggestions. "

- Abbas Rajani SEO Analyst
sandbox karachi reviews

" Amazing workplace! Relaxing environment and friendly staff. highly recommended. "

- Sania Tariq Social Media Influencer
sandbox karachi reviews

" If you want to work in professional environment then sand box is your place, best ever environment i ever experienced. "

- Muhammad Ali Founder Creative IT Sols
sandbox karachi reviews

" Its been almost 3 months in Sandbox. Its a great place to work whether you are an individual or working with your team.A friendly and professional environment. "

- Sufiyan Umer Freelance Developer

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