Muhammad Aamir: From Auto-Finance Sales to Co-Working Management

Muhammad Aamir's story is one of growth and evolution. From his early days as an Auto-Finance Sales & Relationship Officer, Aamir has now become an Operation Manager and Customer Support Representative at Sandbox, a co-working space provider. But how did he get there? Let's take a closer look at Aamir's professional journey and discover how he utilized his customer service experience to achieve his goals.

Early Days at Dubai Islamic Bank

Aamir's career in customer service began in 2010, when he joined Dubai Islamic Bank as an Auto-Finance Sales & Relationship Officer. He was responsible for generating auto-finance sales through door-to-door marketing and bringing in prospects through cold-calling. Aamir's focus was on managing the entire installment plans for clients and ensuring the fulfillment of the monthly sales target. He was also responsible for handling the entire automobile finance case from the first call to the automobile documentation. Through his hard work, Aamir was able to avail any upselling opportunity for the auto finance department.

A Move to Bharucha & Co.

After two years at Dubai Islamic Bank, Aamir decided to move to Bharucha & Co., where he worked as a Customer Support Executive. His job responsibilities included assisting the lawyer with the day-to-day cases and their documentation. He also followed up with clients regarding their corporate cases, managed and maintained the law journals and other firm data, and assisted clients over email communication regarding their queries.

Moving Up the Ranks at Matrix Trackers Private LTD.

In 2014, Aamir joined Matrix Trackers Private LTD. as a Customer Support Representative. His main focus was on generating sales for the company through door-to-door marketing and cold-calling. Aamir was responsible for assisting clients with their automobile tracker issues and preparing sales presentations for clients. He also followed up with corporate clients and created a sales strategy to onboard new prospects. Through his hard work, Aamir was able to make a name for himself at Matrix Trackers and was eventually promoted to a higher position.

A New Challenge at SandBox

In 2017, Aamir took on a new challenge by joining SandBox as a Customer Support Representative and Operation Manager. His job responsibilities include communicating with customers regarding co-working memberships, managing and reviewing the entire setup of workshops/events held by customers, ensuring the optimum utilization of resources, and maintaining the monthly budget for the organization. Aamir is also responsible for sending out monthly invoices to customers against their memberships, ensuring the proper maintenance of the infrastructure, and ensuring the fulfillment of the organization's monthly requirements from grocery purchasing to the utility bills pay-out. He is always on the lookout for new memberships whenever the organization is in need of it.

Aamir's professional journey has been one of growth and learning. Through his experience in customer service, he has been able to climb the ranks and reach new heights. He has used his skills to achieve corporate goals in a challenging environment, and his hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Aamir's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and dedication, and it is a story that inspires others to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.

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